I, a prince, ride a dragon with scales of green.

He is the largest I have ever seen.

His wingspan is as wide as a bulging sail

And his vision is keen.

He walks to the edge of the mountain before he makes a scene.

The giant beast opens his massive wings and makes a loud thunderous roar.

He dives down to the bottom of the mountain, and up to the sky he soars.

I opened my eyes without fear and experience the ride like never before.

Flapping his wings through the Celtic atmosphere,

Soaring through the clouds while the sky is clear.

Every moment he gets higher and higher, I start to cheer.

Swaying and surfing through the hills he glides over

Past every massive giant mountain-like boulder.

He glides through the river where the mermaids dive.

This moment makes me feel alive.

A memory that I will never forget even after I die.

Now he gets faster and faster and zooms through the plain

Because at this point, he has a lot of wind gusts to gain.

The dragon flaps his wings and continues to fly

to the surface of the clear blue northern sky.

For a mythical creature, I never thought he would go this high.

The male dragon glides through the clouds and shoots out his fire

Out of the center of his mouth and continues to fly higher and higher.

Then, the creature zooms all the way down to an enormous waterfall

Where I thought my time would come, but it didn’t after all.

He glides through the forest, soaring through the surface,

Making loop-de-loops and u-terns; everything was perfect.

Who needs a horseback ride or be pulled by wagon

When I’m soaring through the sky on a giant fire-breathing Dragon.

I have a strong fondness for writing my own fictional short stories, especially when I am extremely fond of wild animals, prehistoric animals and mythology